We’ll either pay off the loan first or use the debt-integrated loan

Hello, I’m going to have time to learn about how to pay back the loan quickly today. It is called the leverage effect to accumulate your assets using the assets of others. You can not use the property of others without any price, so you have to repay it after you have borrowed it. So today, we will find out what kind of way for those who have received the loan to repay quickly.


  1. The list of expected earnings;
    I need to know exactly what loan I have. The more you write down the details of where you borrowed the money from, what you borrowed, how much money you paid, and how much interest rate and actual interest payment are. Even if it is a reality that I do not want to face sometimes, I can say that it is the first time to look back for myself.
  2. Setting order
    Next, we have to decide which loans to pay off first, and we have to pay them back one after another from the highest interest rate. If you are aware of the one financial sector that has the least impact on creditworthiness when you receive a loan, you will be able to repay the loan from the high interest loan, which is the biggest burden on creditworthiness, and the loan from the private and capital loans.

using loan

  1. Loans for loan;
    If it is difficult to repay the loan, it is a loan that can be done immediately in an urgent situation. It means a loan that repays high interest loans at low interest rates. By lowering interest rates, we can reduce the burden on repayment.
  2. Loans for ordinary people;
    In the country, we are also operating loan products for ordinary people. We do not operate the old loan loan, but we can use low-interest loan loans through sunshine.
  3. Other than that.
    There are other ways to make a loan. If you have a home owned by your own, you can use the apartment theory and there are also car loans that you receive using your car, so there are many ways to use the loan.

using debt integration loan

  1. Integrated debt loans;
    It is the best way to 폰테크 make a loan, but there are many cases where it is not possible to use a loan. Therefore, if there is difficulty in using, there is a law to repay the loan quickly through debt integration. If the number of expected outflows is high, it is not good for credit and it is difficult to manage.
  2. Debt integration theory;
    The standard of over-expected loans is called over-loaners when the loans you have exceed three. If you have such a lot of debt, I recommend you to pay back the loan that can be repaid relatively quickly or lower the number of loans by using the debt integration loan.
    Creating a Repayment Environment
  3. Selecting a repayment method;
    When you receive a loan, you usually decide how to repay it. There are repayments on maturity date, equal repayment of principal, equal repayment of principal. It is recommended that you avoid repayment on a maturity date.
    In the case of repayment on maturity date, there is no burden on repayment of the loan because only interest is paid, so there are many cases where repayment is not possible when the maturity date comes.
  4. Recommendation of equal repayment of the original (ri) gold;
    So, we often extend our loans on the due date, but once we start, we continue to extend them constantly and then we can not pay back the money.Therefore, it is easy to pay off the loan by choosing the principal equal or the principal equal to pay the principal and interest together.
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