I wanted to press the stack right,

It was a good day. It wasn’t good.
But it’s spring, and it’s a hot weather
I’ve been feeling a lot of pain.
So let’s take a look at telegraph management
I came forward.

I used it on the third floor of the Daiso building in Namgwangjang
It’s the Dongtan Massage Shop.
The most spacious and pleasant in Dongtan
I was introduced to an acquaintance.

It’s located from the parking lot to the sixth basement
I parked comfortably and went to get a massage.
It’s a famous place in Dongtan
There’s a wide and pleasant environment
It’s a day and a half, so we can’t even
It is available on weekends and weekends
It was the best thing to do.

And you can come and enjoy it alone
with family couples and acquaintances
It’s a good place to visit.
I know that you’re going to be able to
I’m trying to get a mission to spend time
He said he was here.

I thought it was just a foot massage shop.
I found it, and I found it, and I found
He recommended it as a possible place.
For me to be stretched out
I went to get a full-body care.

You have to make a reservation before you can use it
What you’re going to do is run into other people
He said there was little.
I’ve been trying to get a corona massage
I was running out of hearing.
This is a safe store and is the first grade of disinfection
It was a store, so I could use it safely.
You can feel the cleanliness when you go into the counter
Like any esthetic shop, it’s a good idea
There are products that you use to manage.
I know some products
I could see at once if I used good products.

I’m not sure if you’re going to be the most
Because it’s a shop? I wanted to.
The whole atmosphere is clean
It was nice because it smelled soft.
I’m sensitive to smell
Where you use a bad product
I hate it because it smells like a weak beauty salon

I think I really smelled the aroma.
On one side, I’m gonna need to get a massage
You can see the foot bath you can get.
The shoes are just outside the counter
I’m managing it
I just changed it and consulted.

To receive such care,
I think we need to have a basic.
clean and comfortable product massage technology
All satisfied
I liked it because it was wide.
He also managed the dressing room comfortably and neatly
I’m gonna change my clothes
I went to get a massage.

I’ve got more lockers than I thought
I was wondering if you could use it all?
I came out and looked around the massage room
Groups are available
I thought the locker needed this much.
I personally stepped on my feet
I like the place where I manage it.
I’ve been covered in socks and stockings all day
I rewarded the hard kid.

If you manage your feet, you’ll be able to
It’s easy to get languid.
And before you get the control
You warm your feet, they’re good for circulation
It can be said that it can get better management effect.

I came here to enjoy myself today
I thought I could come with my mom next time.
I’m sure you’re gonna put lavender aroma
I enjoyed the footbath while smelling lavender.
I’m not gonna let you
Say you can drink it with me.

Drinking warm tea is also a good idea
It helps, and when you get a massage
He said he could have a better effect.
Once you’ve had a foot bath and tea
I felt my mind and body stabilized.

In fact, there are company duties, but there are
I was a little sensitive to the way I was.
The time that you’re out of those things
It was really good.
It’s a figure of eye in the foot bath
You see, the lights are also subtle
the eye is not tired and sleep is the brush brush
I felt like I was coming.

I feel well about being hit in the spring
I’m just gonna come here and take a break
He’s living a life of vigor.
There’s more room than I thought
It’s covered in cloth, so when you go back and forth
I was glad I didn’t hear it.
When I was under control
It minimizes the noise.

And if there’s no cover, it’s a privacy thing
It wouldn’t have been good, but in many ways, customers
I thought it was a Dongtan massage shop you thought about.
It’s the room I used. The room is also
It was a comfortable atmosphere with indirect lighting.
It smelled like aroma.
That’s why I liked it more.

from the foot, the whole body massage is received
I’ve been feeling the fatigue of the time
I felt like I was in paradise on earth, disconnected from the world.
You can explain it every time you change the product
I got it while talking without boredom.
Above all, I’m gonna need to know
There was a lot of fatigue
Thank you for letting me go.

it a lot unites in waist and abdomen
He said he was 강남피쉬안마 working hard
I got it, and then I changed clothes in the dressing room
I’m a lot lighter.
I can make it cheaper through membership.
I’m not gonna be able to talk to you
I said I’d pay for it after I got the massage
I’ve been receiving it, and I’ve been expecting it many times
I signed up as a member because I thought I’d come with my mom.
If you pay in cash, you’ll have more money
It would be a gain
I’ll get a free massage
It was a price.

This time, I got aroma oil therapy
Next time, I get acupoint pressure, and I feel tired
I wanted to press the stack right,
He’s under full-body control, and he’s got
It was a day I went back lightly.
When you think you’re getting a copper massage,
You know, I’m using the same esthetics
Where do you want it if you do?
I want to get it in a spacious and pleasant environment
That’s the only place in the Dongtan Massage Shop.

You’re very satisfied, and why would an acquaintance
I know if he introduced me
and blow them all out with blood
Live a life of life.

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