The effects were fantastic.

When I was in my late thirties, I was a working mother.
I don’t think there’s anywhere in my body intact.

All of a sudden, since last year, I’ve had a neck disc.
We had a hard time.

They say the symptoms vary from person to person.
First of all, depending on the discomfort and nerve pressure,
Headaches, shoulders, arms, numbness.
I had a hard time because my fingers were numb.

I was diagnosed with an 강남피쉬안마 MRI at the hospital.
The cause is that I work for a company longer than anything else.
In a bad position for a long time in front of the desk.
The disk protrudes backwards.
It’s a pain made by pressing more nerves.

It’s mild at first, and sometimes it hurts.
I was gonna let it slide, but it got worse. It’s getting worse.
I’m gonna have to do something myself. I had an idea.
So I started last year at the Body Correction Center.
I’ve been treated. I go to the hospital.
It’s a lot more effective than physical therapy.
I’m taking care of myself because I like it.

Now I’m following you in weight training.
It’s as good as it gets, and the overall strength of the body is…
It’s getting better, so the discs and the muscles…
I feel like I’m holding on well.

Once a week at the body correction center.
I’ll do muscle care, exercise 2-3 times.
It’s on its way out. I’m getting better.
Now that we’re starting, the skin on your face is one by one.
I’m starting to care!

He’ll do the same to get my attention.
The place where we started was in the body correction center.
There’s an aesthetic Dongtan massage.
I found out she had skincare and aroma massage.
Just because I can get it, I’ll get the tickets first.
I tried it once! Originally, a reservation was made.
I thought I had to do it, but on that day,
There was an empty seat, so I went in right away and tried it.

I’ll be guiding you directly from the information desk.
I got it, but I’m sure it’s where I used to be.
It’s connected to the center.
It wasn’t strange to be guided.
He was so good at the correctional center.
I’m sure Aesthetic is good, too.
Expectations and excitement in anticipation.
I’ve been visited in full!

I’ve got a variety of Dongtan Massages.
I’ve been there, and most of all, the interior facilities…
It’s really neat.
It’s very luxurious.
I loved it!

Dr. Dongtan Massage, too.
I know a lot about the body.
I thought you were here, but this was a consultation.
That’s what I could tell.
First of all, in my case,
Focus on neck and shoulder muscles and upper body.
I wanted to be treated, and I had wrinkles around my eyes.
It’s a bit harsh, so I wanted to get rid of wrinkles.

Listen to my current condition one by one.
I need you to figure out what kind of officials you need.
Systematically, one consultation at a time.
It was very helpful of you to point it out.

Each program has a very rich configuration.
I’ve been to a lot of places before.
I was very satisfied from the start.
To do the program of my choice.
It’s a cozy aesthetic room.
After I was guided, I…
I’ve received a Dongtan massage.

The room itself has about three beds.
It’s big enough to fit in.
I didn’t feel stuffy, and as soon as I got in,
Natural aroma that you can smell right away.
The scent and atmosphere of the candles were wonderful.
The director simply said oil.
Help me with a few things that suit me.
He recommended aroma oil.
I’ve never smelled it before.
It’s still unforgettable.
I’m getting a little more comfort zone.
It was a scent that stabilized the mind and body.

In the case of administrative teachers,
Your professional credentials…
You’re high. You’really.
Through the postural system.
Get your skills up to high quality.
Improve and effectively
He gave me access to medical care.

First of all, the neck, shoulders, and upper body muscles.
Cool even after working out.
Thank you for letting me go.
It feels like it’s right.
It was satisfying. Very warm hands.
He’s touching it. Next to him.
Touching the hot stone.
It absorbs oil and massages.
He’s been working on it.

And when I’m done with your day,
It’d be great if you could come on holiday.
If you come and invest in time for me,
I thought I’d be so happy at this time.
When you’re doing meridians, you’re gonna have to keep your muscles
You let him go, and when he’s done,
I’m gonna need a high-frequency massage.
Thank you for keeping me warm.
I love the strong and the strong.
It was a configuration.

It’s a different level from anywhere else.
Highly professional and luxurious.
I heard a lot. teacher
In a delicate and precise place.
It’s too much pressure.
It was cool.

And as I said earlier,
I have a lot of wrinkles between my eyes and my eyebrows.
I got a facelift.
What was really amazing was the Dongtan Massage.
Once you receive it, you can see the effect with your eyes.
I just wanted to take a picture.
You took several pictures right away!

Face care as well as body care.
Take care of it regularly once. The amount of moisture you take in.
Even if you take vitamins and collagen,
I can’t believe we can prevent aging.
I’m gonna have to keep going and get proper care.
I thought about it.

I’ve been to the shower room in the center.
Disposable products perfect for individuals to use.
And aroma body wash, fine shampoo, towels.
Just by looking at the set-up.
It’s a really fancy aesthetic shop, a hotel shop, over there.

I took pictures before and after maintenance and sent them to me.
I checked it out on Kakaotalk later, and I’m sure it was.
The effects were fantastic.

I cut off the 10th episode 10.
They gave me facial skincare once.
We got 11 episodes in a good mood!

I’ve been working so far, and I haven’t managed it very well.
With parenting and walking together, now I’m going to be able to find myself.
Don’t bother me. Take care of yourself.
I’m trying to have fun. I’ll give you a proper massage.
I’m sorry, Sammy Aesthetic, for letting my neighbors receive it.
I really recommend Dongtan Massage!

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